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NCVI at Canton Fair in Guangzhou
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2015, the new Bei lucky hand in hand in Canton, to understand the market dynamics, broaden the international route, strengthen trade development, the new baby mother to baby products pushed to the international development platform.

Canton Fair is China has the longest history, the highest level, the scale is biggest, the types of goods, buyers most, distributing in the countries of the region the most widely, clinch a deal the effect best, the credibility of the best of China Import and Export Fair will, to the enterprise. This is a comprehensive international trade event.

Exhibition on display breast pump series, disinfector series other Pui maternal and child products have gained wide attention and support, attracted a large number of enterprises and consumers, customers and the multi-party negotiations and exchange of other businesses, strengthen and consolidate the new shell and other enterprise friendship and business circulation, for the further development of the new shell to lay a solid foundation.

In this event, the new beta exhibited a complete success, and believe that the new beta will be better tomorrow!

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